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How Family lawyer can be helpful?

Best Family Court Lawyer

Family lawyers are legal professionals specializing in family law matters. They deal with legal matters that concern members of the family. Such legal issues include, but are not limited to, divorce, child custody, and custody. Family lawyers can act as…

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Dating During Divorce

Best Divorce Lawyers

An interesting issue is, Can I date while going through a divorce? The legal complications in this are for both a divorcing spouse & their new partner. Dating while divorce may hold back and complicate the divorce proceedings, may affect…

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Coping with Feeling Lonely After Divorce

Family Court Lawyers

Divorce can be a devastating experience, and the phase gives a variety of feelings from guilt to rage to depression. Divorce is painful, and the broken relation indicates the loss for your future of all your commitments and promises that you…

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Shalini v. Dhanraj | Bombay High Court | The Divorce Law Firm

I (2018) DMC 517 (DB) (Bom.) BOMBAY HIGH COURT Vasanti A. Naik, J. & V.M. Deshpande, J. SHALINI—Appellant versus DHANRAJ—Respondent Family Court Appeal No. 90 of 2015—Decided on 9.3.2017 (i) Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 — Sections 3, 29(2) — Customary Divorce —…

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