The Divorce Law Firm is founded by Advocate Aarun Chanda and he believes that all wars are subject to collateral damage.

At the divorce law firm, we firmly believe that litigation ought to be the last resort in matrimonial disputes.

Our firm believes in early resolution of all the dispute through mediation in favour of our clients by rigorous follow up with our opponents & their respective lawyers for out of court settlement. In case of failure of mediation, we expedite the legal proceedings and religiously take steps in the court. We believe that every date missed in court prolongs litigants’ misery.

Advocate Aarun Chanda is assisted by a team of young professional lawyers and law experts who have a dedicated focus on comprehending the needs of the client and providing with efficient quality work and legal information. The team includes experts with result-oriented commitments.

Our firm’s office is a hub of activity facilitated with all the modern work aid enabling our associate lawyers to ensure time-efficient and result oriented services to our clients.

In India all court proceedings are subject to delays i.e. Due to transfer of judges, judge on leave, court busy in other matters, court preoccupied in time bound matters due to directions given by the Hon’ble Bombay Hight Court or Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, absence of respective lawyers, absence of clients, lawyers strike.

Our firm believes that matrimonial disputes cause disruption in one’s personal and professional life.

During divorce proceedings parties ruin golden years of their life and they miss out several opportunities to lead happy, peaceful and prosperous life.

Prolonged litigation causes extreme mental stress to the warring couple and their respective families. Prolonged divorce proceedings cause emotional stress to both the parties, their children and their respective families. At times one of the warring parties may lose mental health or suffer from various ailments i.e., insomnia, anxiety, depression, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or other health related issues.

Legal battles will delay opportunity for both the parties to move on in life and start afresh. It may adversely impact personal/professional growth, ability to plan future, escalation of differences and failure to reach mutually acceptable solutions to major/minor issues i.e., child custody, maintenance for spouse/children, visitation rights, division of assets etc.

Matrimonial litigation results in litigation expenses and maintaining two households which results in financial distress that may aggravate the situation further.

Children suffer the most from emotional turmoil, disrupted daily routine, unpredictability & their relationship with parents may be impacted.

Does divorce help adults become happier?

Divorce is too complex a process to produce just winners and losers. People adjust in many different ways and these patterns of adjusting change over time.

That was the easy part.getting the divorce. It’s the aftermath that’s the hard part. When you’re living it, it’s so magnified. It literally takes the air out of you.


A large majority of individuals in unhappy marriages who hang in there and avoid divorce end up reporting their marriages are very happy a few years later.



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