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Audio CD Evidence in Matrimonial Case

Court: Madras High Court Bench: MR. JUSTICE A. KULASEKARAN G. Shyamala Ranjini vs M.S. Tamizhnathan on 20 November, 2007 Mr. S.V. Jayaraman, Sr. Counsel for Mr. N.A. Nissar Ahamed For the appellant. Mrs. Hema Sampath, Sr. Counsel for M/s. V.N.S. Law Firms For the respondent. Law…

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Atrocious Allegations, Actions and Behaviour by Wife

Court: Rajasthan High Court Bench: JUSTICE S K Sharma, G Singh Basant Kumar Jha vs Mithlesh Jha on 30 May, 2007 Equivalent citations: I (2008) DMC 113 Law Point: Atrocious Allegations, Actions and Behaviour by Wife JUDGEMENT   1. Challenge…

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Transfer Application under 23(3) CPC

Court: Madras High Court Equivalent citations: 2003 (1) AWC 344 SC, (2003) 2 CALLT 23 SC Bench: JUSTICE S.ASHOK KUMAR Mrs. Sunita vs S.Krishnan on 19 February, 2007 Mr.V.Raghavachari, Adv. For the appellant. Mr.Sathish Rajan, Adv. For the respondent. Law Point: Transfer Application under 23(3) CPC JUDGEMENT   This…

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Mental Cruelty, Husband Granted Divorce by HC

Court: Madras High Court Bench: JUSTICE R. BALASUBRAMANIAN and JUSTICE V. DHANAPALAN A. Viswanathan vs G. Lakshmi @ Seetha on 20 November, 2006 Mr. S. Parthasarathy, Senior Counsel for Mr. V. Shankar For the appellant. Mr. S.V. Jayaraman, Senior Counsel for Mr. R. Nandakumar For the respondent.…

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Divorce on Denial of Sex

Court: MADRAS HIGH COURT C.M.A.No.1905 of 2002 Bench: HON’BLE MR.JUSTICE P.D.DINAKARAN and THE HON’BLE MR.JUSTICE P.P.S.JANARTHANA RAJA P.Devaraj vs V.Geetha on 26/07/2006 Mr.K.Kalyanasundaram, Adv. For the appellant. Mr.A.S.Vijayaraghavan , Adv. For the respondent. Law Point: Divorce on Denial of Sex JUDGEMENT As the dispute between the parties is very narrow,…

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