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Effects of Divorce

Effects of Divorce

Divorce rates have risen across the globe over the last few years. Marriages today do not mean the same as they intended a few years ago. When somebody stood before the Almighty in earlier times and said ‘ I Do, ‘ they meant literally those words that would last forever. But the same words sound hollow today. Obviously, you don’t intend to get divorced when you plan to get married. But over the years, the values and perspectives of people have drastically changed. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth for a long time to come when a happily ever after turns into a nasty end. Generally, most divorces are due to orthodox family thinking or family pressure. Some partners never really get to understand each other, leading in a divorce after a couple of years of incompatibility.


  • Emotional Outburst – Divorce is a painful phase of life no matter what the reasons for separation are. It creates a lot of mental turmoil. The process of starting over and adjusting to a single’s life is the hardest phase of getting divorced. Depression is one of the most prevalent consequences of divorce. Feeling low is natural, and often leads to depression. With no one to talk to and the abrupt loneliness, you can feel deserted. Another common side effect of divorce is being in wallows of self-pity and self-doubt. Spend more time with friends and family, to get out of this phase of life. Value the people who are still with you to see the positive side of life.
  • Guilt Trips – 

    A person going through a divorce often blame themselves for the relationship mishap. Seeing your immediate family and children put up with the emotional upheaval, can make you feel guilty for a long time. The dissolution of marriage is not a justification for a person to think responsible for the remainder of one’s life. Remember, it requires two to tango, so it’s not completely your fault. Forgive yourself and vow to develop from this difficult experience as an edified individual.

  • Social Circle – 

    A broken marriage comes with a broken friend’s circle, too. A divorce also creates a rift among friends, causing a shortage of friends and disturbed social circles. It can trigger extended times of sorrow and depression when you miss out on individuals who were once a part of life for no fault of yours. However, we need to understand that divorce is not the end of the world. It’s a tough stage of life that needs to be tackled with optimism and positivity.

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