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Hostile Aggressive Parenting

Hostile Aggressive Parenting

Hostile Aggressive Parenting is described as a sequence of actions or behaviors on the part of one parent or guardian that interferes with or generates problems in a child’s or children’s connection with their other parent or guardian or other parent involved in supporting the kid. Hostile aggressive parenting may also include behavioral patterns that generate or maintain an unfair benefit in provisions for child custody or parenting.

Situations Where Aggressive Parenting can Occur

It is most normal when parents are married or separated, but it can also happen in circumstances where the family is intact, but where parents have significant disagreements in philosophy or manner of child-raising. It can also be directed at others who may be involved in the life of a child – such as grandparents, school teachers, childcare providers, and others-when a parent wants to push an unwarranted wedge between the child and these other people.

The Chances of Aggressive Hostile Parenting:  

Those with characteristics of Hostile Aggressive Parenting:

  • They are probable to be influenced by adverse feelings and control other people’s interactions.
  • Will have elevated levels of dispute in other situations, especially when engaged in divorce or custody litigation.
  • Maximize their own worries and insecurities and minimize children’s concerns; they are unable to see the value of other people’s roles in the lives of their children.

Hostile Aggressive Parenting Demonstrations:

Parents who are hostile aggressive children are going to:

  • Interfere with the target parent’s legally permitted rights.
  • Consistently weakens the goal of parent’s integrity.
  • Lie or exaggerate allegations to ensure benefits in procedures of divorce, custody or protective order.
  • Exhibit controlling unnecessary behaviors towards kids, former spouses and others engaged.
  • Engage others like friends, colleagues, and family members in their efforts to push a gap between the kid and the other parent.

Impact on Children of Hostile Aggressive Parenting:

Children affected by aggressive hostile parenting tend to:

  • Poor performance at school.
  • Failure to build appropriate social skills.
  • Increase the tendency of a child to act violently later in life.
  • Simply walk away from positive relations with other siblings that maintain a target parent relationship.
  • Learn to mimic the hostile abusive parent’s violent and aggressive behaviors.

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