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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse
  • A cheating spouse may show below mentioned characteristics: –
    • Increase secrecy.
    • Remain absent without explanation.
    • Keep emotional distance.
    • He/she will password protect mobile phone/computer.
    • There will be decrease/lack of intimacy.
    • Sudden change in appearance.
    • Frequently arguments.
    • Lack of shared activities.
    • Defensive behaviour.
  • To confront cheating spouse, you must collect irrefutable evidence.
    • You must rely on facts and not on baseless suspicions. Baseless suspicion will cause immense mental stress to the spouse suspected of cheating.
    • Strong direct evidence will help you in clear communication and having a solution-oriented approach.
    • Direct evidence will prevent denial, excuses, gaslighting & also help in court cases.
  • Methods of catching cheating spouse
    • Direct discussion.
    • Express your concerns in a compassionate manner.
    • Encourage your spouse to reveal the truth.
    • Trust your instincts.
    • Monitor their behaviour.
    • Monitor their social media activities.
    • Gain access to his/her phone and messages.
    • Use tracking applications on phone, car etc.
    • Check bank account & credit card statements.
    • Hire a detective if need arises.
    • Visit your spouse’s office and return home early unannounced.
    • Spot inconsistency in the stories given by your spouse.
    • Search for secret social media/bank accounts, email ids, phone numbers.
    • Unresponsiveness to your emotions & lack of sharing feelings, concerns and thoughts with you.
    • Speak to common friends.
    • Sudden decline in physical relations.
    • Sudden change in appearance of your spouse.
  • Once a cheating partner is exposed, you may take professional guidance to save your marriage. The counsellor will create a safe environment for the couple to reveal their concerns and feelings.
  • Several solutions can be explored to save your relationship.
    • Joint counselling helps in strengthening relationship/communication, understanding and growth instead of blame game.
    • In case your spouse refuses to admit/apologise/give assurances that he/she will disconnect with the third party and lead a happy/peaceful matrimonial life or remains adamant/reluctant, then you may explore legal options for separation i.e., divorce by mutual consent or filing contested divorce case. In case you file contested divorce case on the ground of adultery, then you must make third person party to the court proceedings.