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Male Side of Divorce

Male Side of Divorce

The typical story of divorce in television shows and films is to represent females as known victims. While the males are portrayed as silent sufferers who feel frustration, rage, depression, and fear about financial problems, disturbed relationships, and family stress.

Divorce is hard for everyone, but for males, it can be particularly challenging who do not typically share their emotions. They want to maintain the privacy of their divorce -and that’s not a nice policy. In a divorce, men must defend their rights by own because nobody else will and on the opposite, women are unequally supported. Primarily, males need to protect their two biggest assets: finance and custody.

Distribution of Finances & Assets

In general, the court will divide the marital property by half, and each spouse will receive one half of the total property. That doesn’t mean that every item is split in half; one spouse could get the car and the other spouse could get the furniture. If the court has a good reason to do so, the court may offer the wife more property than the husband.

In such cases, if a man thinks he’s going to lose too much of his property, he should ask for a prenuptial agreement into marriage for the assets going into or business. The agreement will help protect the property and finances of a man. But besides that, a man has his own rights when he gets a divorce.

In a divorce, men will have to give up property and may have to pay child support but fight for lesser payments and proper distribution of assets.

Child Custody

There’s a lot that goes into a divorce, but the first point towards achievement is to secure your rights and fight for the most important things: the children.

During a divorce, kids are usually handed to their mother. Fighting for joint custody not only improves your relationship with your kids, but it also helps your financial responsibilities in divorce. Payment for alimony and child support are lower if you spend more time with your kids.

If you only decide on weekends to have your kids, you will have to pay more financial support than one who decides to have his kids bi-weekly. However, time is changed, nowadays the child’s welfare is given more importance than the parent’s gender. Our courts suggest and grant joint custody contracts so that the kid has a positive upbringing of the mother and father.

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